Name Browser

The name browser locates and displays LC Name Headings. The browser is a simplified version of the name search system with only a single access point (same as Heading (left match) in search system) and two display options (which names to search and how many records to return at a time).

Note: To access the name search page from the name browser, click on the Search button at the top of the page to open the search system in a new window or browser tab.
Tip: Use the Reset button to clear the name browser screen whenever you want to start a new search.

How to Search
Input a name heading and optionally select the type of name you want to find from the drop-down list and then press Enter or click on the Browse button. This is the same search as using the Heading (left match) access point in the name search system.

Because the name heading browser provides a subset of the capabilities of the name search system, please refer to the following sections of the name search help document for more information:

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