Names Browser

The LC Name browser locates and displays LC Name Headings. The browser is a simplified version of the name search system providing a single access point at a time.

Main Menu
Access the LC Name browser from the main menu by clicking on the LC Name Authority File Browse link. Alternately, click on the Search link to run keyword and multi-field searches.

Browse Display
The LC Name browser looks like this:

The navigation bar is documented on the classification browser help page.

How to Browse
Select the Access point and Type of name and input a name in the the Search term box. A drop-down list of matching entries will appear. Either select one of the items in the drop-down list or press Enter to start with the first matching term. Input a name heading and optionally select the type of name you want to find from the drop-down list and then press Enter or click on the Browse button. This is the same search as using the Heading (left match) access point in the name search system.

Please refer to the name search system for more information on the following topics:

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