Classification Record Display

The classification record display returns one Library of Congress classification record at a time formatted with MARC tags. To display the contents of a classification record, start in a Classification Browser or Search page. These screens include a small white button ( ) after each record that displays a drop-down menu of additinal links. For example, a classification search for dogs looks like this:

Clicking on the white button in ClassWeb Plus will display a pop-up menu of links, like this:

Clicking on the MARC display link will display a MARC tagged version of that record in a separate window or browser tab, like this:

MARC Download
At the bottom of the record display is a download icon that, when clicked, downloads the current record to your computer in MARC 21 UTF-8 format. See the downloading help page for more details.

Clicking on the Tools icon on the right side of the navigation bar displays the following:

Options include:

Class BrowserDisplays this record in the classification browser in a separate tab.
BrowseRun a classification index browse in a separate tab.
SearchRun a classification search in a separate tab.
CloseClose this tab.
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