Downloading MARC records in ClassWeb Plus

All ClassWeb Plus MARC display screens include a download icon that, when clicked, downloads the current record to your computer in MARC 21 UTF-8 format.


A download icon is displayed at the bottom of every MARC record display. For example:

When you click on the download icon, the record will be transferred to your computer in MARC 21 UTF-8 format. Depending ony which brand of web browser you use and the way that you have it configured, you may be asked where you want to save the file.

Daily Limits
There is a limit on the total number of MARC records you can download in a day. While the limit is set high enough for most users, in the unlikely event you reach that limit, the download icon will change to this:

Error Handling
When designing the ClassWeb Plus download feature, emphasis was placed on streamlining your workflow: no new windows or tabs are opened to initiate the download that would then have to be closed. As a result, when a record cannot be downloaded because your session has expired or because you have reached your daily download limit, your web browser may or may not display an error message. Either way, no content will be downloaded to a file. If you notice that nothing was downloaded and you are not sure why, you can see the error message that is being returned by right-clicking on the download icon and selecting Open in a new tab. This will display the error message in the new tab.

If your session has timed-out and you have a MARC record on the screen, reread the record by clicking on your web browser's Reload button (an arrow that is shaped like a circle). Once you are logged in, try the download icon again.

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