[Classweb-announce] Recent improvements to ClassWeb

Geoff Mottram gmottram at minaretsoftware.com
Fri Jan 28 03:46:26 EST 2011

Dear ClassWeb Users:

A number of enhancements have been installed in the "new" version of 
ClassWeb that is available here:

1) All search screens now include the option to run a query instead of an 
index browse:

Search Options
    (o) Run a browse, ( ) basic query or ( ) boolean query

When you select either of the query options, the system will run a real 
query instead of an index browse. More information is available by clicking 
on the Help button on any search screen.

2) To simplify the LCSH search screens, the "unstructured" access points 
have been removed as separate input fields. The "Subject heading" and 
"Free-floating subdivision" input fields on the new search display used to 
be called "structured". For those people who prefer the "unstructured" 
access points, click on the new search option "Search for subject headings 
without requiring double dashes between subdivisions" before running your 
search. You can change your account preferences so that this is the default 
setting for all of your searches, if you like. Please refer to the search 
screen help pages for more information.

3) For those of you without static IP addresses and who can not use the 
auto-login by IP address feature, there is a new method for logging into 
ClassWeb automatically. The new system enables you to "register" a computer 
with your account and then any time that computer accesses ClassWeb via the 
auto-login menu, it will gain read-only access to your account. Further 
information is available on the following help page:


Geoff Mottram
ClassWeb Developer

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