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This area contains the Library of Congress Demographic Group Thesaurus in MARC UTF-8 format. It is made available in two versions: the full vocabulary and update files with any changes since the last time the full vocabulary was exported. These files are generated on the morning after the release of the list of approved subject heading changes (which occurs monthly).

All files are provided in ZIP format and contain their creation date as part of the file name. The full export files are named and the update files are named Update files contain new, updated and deleted records. They are differentiated by checking position 05 (Record Status) of a record's leader.

The latest version of these files can be downloaded without a date using the following names: and, respectively.

Institutions that wish to automate the downloading of these files can do so without parsing the page you are currently reading. This is done by sending an HTTP HEAD request to determine the date this page was last updated and either using that date to create a file name to request via HTTP GET or using the date-less version of the file names.

Full Export Files

Update Files