ClassWeb Plus Main Menu

The main menu for ClassWeb Plus provides a single access point to the tools needed by a cataloger to assign Library of Congress classification numbers to bibliographic content. There are two versions of the menu: one for logging in manually (using a login name and password) and the other for automatic login by a computer's IP address or a special registration code. Additional documentation on the login process can be found here.

Main menu for manual login

Main menu for auto login

Main Menu
The ClassWeb Plus main menu for manual login looks like this:

The Auto Login Menu is identical except it contains a link to the manual login menu in the list of Alternate Menus.

Navigation menu
Click on this icon to see a dropdown menu of general site navigation options. The items above the horizontal line are links to the same tools available on the main menu. Below the line are links for Settings (to manage your account), Help (opens documentation associated with the current page in a separate tab) and Sign out (to log out of ClassWeb Plus).

Page title
Clicking on the page title will send you to the main menu.

Library of Congress home page
Clicking on this link will send you to the Library of Congress web site.

Main menu items
The various tools available in ClassWeb Plus. This list is also available from the Navigation Menu.

Other links
These links include alternate menus and tools for specific needs. The manual login menu (shown) includes a Auto Login Menu link for the main menu associated with automatic login. Likewise, the Auto Login Menu contains a link to the manual login menu.

Main Menu Items
All of the menu items in the middle of the page come in two flavors: index browse and full search. For example, clicking on LC Classification will launch the index browser for classification data. All of the index browsers allow you to browse access points in sorted index order (this might be alphabetical or numeric, depending on the access point). The Search link after each menu item allows you to run various kinds of boolean and combinational queries, including keyword access. A search is different in that it returns a set of records that match your query requirements, in no particular order. Search results include links to display a given record in different contexts (classification browser, subject headings, correlations, etc.). Additional information for each of the main menu items is available on the main help menu.

Bibliographic Correlations also includes a menu link which allows you to choose a particular type of correlation before starting the correlations browser. This avoids the extra step of selecting a correlation type every time you use correlations.

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