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As recommended by the Department of Treasury, we have been using to process customer orders. Making this online payment option available to our customers removes our staff from the handling and managing of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This keeps your credit card information more secure and speeds the processing of your order. uses a secure connection between your computer and the server to protect your transaction information. Any account numbers you enter are masked on-screen; each account number is displayed as a group of asterisks followed by the last four digits of the account number. Our staff will only see the last four digits of your account number as well as your CDS Account number when we receive the approval codes from in order to reconcile your payment. This is the same information you will receive from on your receipt.

If you have questions about, please visit their web site at

SSL Connections
Whenever you connect to a web site with a URL that begins with https: instead of http:, you will be using a secure and encrypted channel between your computer and the web site. In addition, you can verify that the web server you are connecting to is authentic. Different brands and versions of web browsers have varying ways to inform you when you are communicating over a secure connection.

In most browsers, there will be a padlock icon in the address bar where the web site address is displayed. The padlock should be closed (locked) when you are using an https: connection and you can click on this icon to display more information about this secure connection. If the padlock is open (unlocked), the connection is not secure and you should not input sensitive information on that page.

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