Bibliographic Search

The bibliographic search page locates and displays LC bibliographic records with links to LC classification, subject and name headings, as well as bibliographic correlations. A search may include multiple access points, run keyword and proximity queries, and supports boolean logic and wild card characters.

For single access point browsing, the bibliographic browser is a convenient and fast way to select between different access points and locate records.


In general, with the exception of the Keyword access point, when you enter your search criteria into only one of the input boxes and press Enter (or click on the Search button), you will be performing an index browse. The records will be returned in the sorting order for that access point. When browsing an index, you can view all of the records in a database and not just those that match your initial search term. If you prefer, you can force a query to be run by checking either the basic query or boolean query search options before submitting your search request. See below for more information on changing your search options.

If you input one or more words into the Keyword box or input values into any two or more access points or check either the basic query or boolean query search options, ClassWeb will run a query to locate all records that meet your criteria. While browse results are returned instantly, a real query may take a few seconds (or even minutes, depending on the search). Also, query results are not returned in any particular sequence, although they tend to be in record number order.

ClassWeb supports truncation searching (you just input a partial search term), boolean (AND, OR and NOT) and mathematical (less than, greater than, etc.) operations, and wild-card characters (? matches any single character and * matches multiple characters). In addition, all keyword access points support phrase and proximity searches.


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