Subject Browser

The subject browser locates and displays LC subject headings, genre/form terms, demographic group terms, children's subject headings and medium of performace thesaurus, each stored and accessed separately via different main menu selections. The subject browser permits browsing one of a number of access points and is supplemented by a the subject search system which includes keyword and boolean query support.

Note: To access the subject search page from the subject browser, click on the Search button at the top of the page to open the search system in a new window or browser tab.

Tip: Use the Reset button to clear the subject browser screen whenever you want to start a new search.

Main Menu
Access the appropriate subject browser from the main menu by clicking on the appropriate link. Alternately, use the search link to run keyword and multi-field searches.

Browse Display
The subject browser works almost exactly like the classification browser and looks as follows:

How to Search
Input a subject heading and any optional subdivisions separated by double dashes (--) and press Enter or click on the Magnifying glass icon. If you are not sure how your search term is subdivided, use the unstructured heading access point with spaces between your terms.

For more information on subject searching please refer to the subject search system and in particular, note the following sections:

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